ATB Stampede Station.

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In 2007 ATB Financial engage the Karo Group to re brand and reinvent the image of the Alberta Treasury Branch. This image was to change the way in which clients would engage and use ATB, primarily to attract a newer age bracket.

One part of a complex branding initiative was the interiors of 3 pilot branches. ATB SAIT, ATB 17th Ave, ATB Stampede Station.

Keith Moe and his team of interior designers at the Karo Group jumped in to action and rapidly developed a series of branches that would be easily identified as an ATB branch but that would be individually unique.

These branches would have ‘dream centers’ where the customer could relax with a cup of ‘joe’ in a cafe style setting. Clients are encouraged to brows magazines, the web or simply interacting with custom displays and to ultimately relax. The idea is that ATB is a place to challenge your financial situation and to ultimately leave better prepared for what you want and with a clearer idea of how to get it.

Ned Atkinson, Karo’s former Lighting Designer and Project Manager was assigned the task to create lighting that was not only engaging but that would also be reflective of the environment and ultimately carry the design and branding direction.

Within Stampede Station this came in the form of custom fins, illuminated from above the ceiling. These fins not only served as a visual focal point that complimented the angles and interior Architecture and circulation but also doubled as photometric diffusers that allowed the light to illuminate more vertical surfaces. Better vertical surface illumination will help eliminate dark shadows under the eyes but also gives better task lighting and provides a less ‘cave like’ place to work.